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We are here to serve your every need at your time of need

Stolfo Funeral Home has kept true to this promise for more than 70 years. Charles Stolfo Sr. opened his funeral parlor business in 1939 back when "wakes" were held in the homes of the deceased. In 1940, Charles' son, Charles Stolfo Jr., joined the family business.

To ensure that every funeral meets the family's expectations, Paul Stolfo said he attends almost every funeral. Grieving the loss of a loved one is overwhelming enough. His clients rely on him to oversee the details.

After 70 years and four generations of family service, the Stolfo Funeral Home continues its commitment to a community whose trust they have earned. So the memories live on.

Taking Full Control of Your Funeral

Advance funeral planning is referred to as “prearranging,” “preplanning” or “preneed.” It’s a simple process that can take as little as an afternoon.

People who preplan can:

Funeral Burial Insurance

Direct Cremation

Traditional Service

Direct Burial

Traditional Funeral Viewing

Pre Arranged Funeral