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Funeral Burial Insurance

Funeral or Burial insurance is much like Life insurance with a few exceptions. In most cases the payouts range from as little as 1,000 or up to 25,000. Funeral/Burial insurance is separate from your life insurance and is usually a reserved amount of money dedicated to paying for ones costs after death. You might pay for the funeral, and any leftover debts including credit cards, student loands, car payments or other such payments that are due by the deceased. unfortunately when someone passes away, their debts do not disappear, that is what Funeral/Burial insurance is great for.

Direct Cremation

A means of handling the deceased person's remains where there is no embalming, no service of any kind before the cremation. The body simply travels from the coroner's office or hospital straight to the crematorium. After the cremation the family can choose to have a service or a memorial at any time with the ashes present.

Traditional Service

In North America a Tranditional Funeral is defined as a three part funeral where there is a Viewing or Visitation followed by a Funeral, which is the church or religious aspect of the funeral, and finally a grave side service, where the family members meet at the final resting place of the body whether that be a grave, a niche wall, or another location.

Direct Burial

A means of handling the deceased persons remains where there is no embalming, no service of any kind before the burial. The body is collected from the coroner or hospital and immediately placed in a casket of families choosing (usually a plain pine box) and buried. The family may choose to have a grave side service after the burial is completed but are not generally allowed to view the actual burial of the body in this case.

Traditional Funeral Viewing

The portion of the funeral service in which visitors arrive at the funeral home to visit with the deceased. During a visitation the deceased is in a casket with the head portion open so that people in the room can clearly see the individual. This is not always a pleasant experience for some. Most funeral homes will provide a second room to the guests so that those with small children or those who are simply uncomfortable viewing the body are not forced to spend their time in the room with the open casket.

Pre Arranged Funeral

The following information should be helpful to you

  • Each account is opened in your name with its own account number
  • All funds are paid directly to the bank
  • We offer both revocable and irrevocable trust
  • You select the type of funeral service you prefer
  • All pre-paid funeral are guaranteed, the price will never increase.

If you have any questions regarding our prearranged funerals, please give us a call at your earliest conveience at (215) 334-7376