Our Funeral Services


Funeral Burial Insurance

Funeral or burial insurance is similar to life insurance with a few exceptions. In most cases, the payout ranges from as little as $1,000, or up to $25,000. Funeral/Burial insurance is separate from your life insurance plan and is usually a reserved amount of money dedicated to paying for ones’ costs after death. You might pay for the funeral, plus any leftover debts including credit cards, student loans, car payments or any other such payments that are due by the deceased. Unfortunately, when someone passes away their debts do not disappear, this is why funeral/burial insurance is a good idea to invest in. Similarly, funerals can be very expensive, especially when you want to personally memorialize your loved one. The average cost of a funeral can range from $7,000 – $10,000. Funeral/burial insurance will help pay for a portion (or all) of the funeral cost so the expense is not as burdensome on friends or family.


Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation is simply a means of handling the deceased person’s remains where there is no embalming or service of any kind before the cremation. The body travels from the coroner’s office or hospital straight to the crematorium. After the cremation, the family can choose to have a service or a memorial at any time with the ashes present. Direct cremation is one of the most affordable arrangements, because there is no cost to prepare the body or the need for a casket. If you choose this service, you are only responsible for the cost of the cremation, the urn and the memorial service. Memorial services for direct cremation can be held at the Stolfo Funeral Home, or even your own home. If you plan on burying the cremated remains in a cemetery plot, Stolfo Funeral Home can help with those arrangements including cemetery fees and headstone installation fees, among others.


Traditional Services

Traditional Services, in North America, is defined as a 3 part funeral. The first part is the viewing or visitation, which allows guests to mourn and pay their respects to the deceased and family by viewing the casketed body in a funeral home setting. The funeral service is the church or religious aspect and can include music, reading of religious passages, prayer and remembrance from friends and family. In between the final two steps is a committal service for families who plan to bury the deceased, this stage involves the vehicle procession to the cemetery. Finally, the graveside service is where family members meet at the final resting place of the body, which can include a grave, a niche wall or another location. The Stolfo Funeral Home family is here to help you plan, prepare and organize for all of the above traditional funeral service steps to make this difficult time easier for you and your family.


Direct Burial

Direct Burial is a means of handling the deceased person’s remains where there is no embalming or service of any kind before the burial. The body is collected from the coroner’s office or hospital and immediately placed in a casket of the families choosing then buried. The family may choose to have a graveside service after the burial is complete, but are generally not allowed to view the actual burial of the body in this case. Direct burial is also one of the more affordable funeral options, because the body is buried in a simple container, rather than an expensive casket. Similarly, since there is no formal viewing or wake, you avoid the cost of preparing the body. Stolfo Funeral Home will help you plan and organize a direct burial service to take some of the stress off of your family during this difficult time. Stolfo Funeral Home will find and contact the cemetery of your choice in order to arrange the plot and date.


Traditional Funeral Viewing

Traditional Funeral Viewing is the portion of the funeral service in which visitors arrive at the funeral home to visit, mourn and pay respect to the deceased and their family. It is often referred to as a viewing, visitation or wake. For many in attendance, this is the last opportunity to view the body and say the final goodbyes. During the visitation period, the deceased is in a casket with the head portion open so that people in the room can clearly see the individual. This is not always a pleasant experience for some, so Stolfo Funeral Home provides a second room open to guests, small children and anyone who is simply uncomfortable viewing the body. The second room allows guests to mingle, share stories and take a moment to themselves without having to spend the entire time in the room with an open casket. Traditional funeral viewing is the most popular funeral service in North America.


Pre Arranged Funeral

Pre-Arranged Funeral services are an easy and simply way to pay in advance for your funeral, which completely eliminates any financial strain on your friends and family. Stolfo Funeral Home offers pre-paid funeral services, allowing you to set money aside for any future funeral arrangements. Each account is opened in your name with its own account number. All funds are paid directly to the bank, Stolfo Funeral Home does not hold the money in any way. Trusts are offered as revocable and irrevocable options and all pre-paid funeral prices are guaranteed – the price will never increase. Selecting a pre-arranged funeral through Stolfo Funeral Home allows you to select the type of funeral service you prefer and pay for it in advance. The service will be organized, arranged and planned upon opening the account and finalized over the course of several months. Call 215-334-7376 for more information.